We are still accepting growlers still at this time for in store credit only.

About Your

Growler Purchase

At New Ontario Brewing Company, we care about the environment and have taken steps to do our part.

We use a bottle exchange program in two different sizes: a Growler (64oz) and a Squeeker (32oz).

You are helping the planet by keeping the glass out of the landfill, saving on gas shipping, and reducing energy used to melt it down and make new bottles.


Growler Credit Now Available

As of August 21, 2017, we accept Growlers in exchange for in-store credit. This will only apply to future drop-offs and not those previously donated to the Leave A Growler system.

Bring back your surplus Growlers for a 50% off purchase price of your Growler credit towards beer or merchandise at the brewery store. The credit cannot be used for gift cards and the bottle has no cash value. Credit must be used at the time of purchase.

4 steps to the growler system


By buying a bottle in either size, you do not pay an individual bottle cost on each purchase.


Whether you are celebrating with friends or having a quiet moment to yourself, you work hard and deserve to enjoy your beer.


Take care of your bottle. By cleaning your own bottle, you avoid a high-temperature wash and harsh chemicals.

Reusing your bottle is better for the environment and your pocket.


Bring your bottle in for a refill and feel free to grab a glass while you wait. You can also take in your New Ontario bottle to exchange it with a filled one. By bringing in your old bottle, you are only paying for the beer!

You can also exchange your Growler for a Squeeker, or bring in your Squeeker for a Growler, with no additional charge.

Growlers must come back empty, clean, and with the lid off.